(Deutsch) Instrumental Music and Titles

I wrote something on my Bandcamp Site about how the The Realm of the Black Fish and its title met and melted.

Das Reich des Schwarzen Fisches

Das Reich des Schwarzen Fisches

The songtitle could be translated to “The realm of the Black Fish”.

(But what does it mean?)

Instrumental Music and their Titles have a strange relationship. How does one find the right name for music that is not a song? A song usually has some kind of meaning or message, and you just take one line or word out of that, and here is your title.

But instrumental pieces?

It is hard to explain, but for me the right title is something that often exists before the music, as a phrase or word that should not be forgotten.

Then, one day, when making a piece of music, this title flies by, and they meet and fall in love with each other. “And from that day they were as one”, inseparable.

In the case of this song, the title was found somewhere in a huge derelict iron works, outside, on a sign telling people what was going on here some time ago.

After the music and the title met, I was never able to play this music without thinking abouit the Black Fish, swimming through his realm, which is sometimes lovely and sweet and sometimes harsh and dangerous.

Further developping this piece, I always had the Black Fish in mind.

I suppose he is my alter ego. One of them.

2 thoughts on “(Deutsch) Instrumental Music and Titles

  1. What was the story of those fishes? I like that behind your music there is always an interesting story which is not always onvious when listening to an instrumental…

    • At first there was only the name. I found that on a sign at an out-of-order steelworks, near some artificial pond. I kept that name somewhere, thinking, “this is a good name for a music piece”. Much later I had this piece, and when I ran through possible names for it i saw this name again, and that was it.
      Then the piece suddenly had a meaning, and from that moment on the development followed the name. I could imagine the black fish floating through a mysterious (but well known to him) underwater world.
      Sometimes the meaning for things and events comes much later.

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